We are excited to grow these  exquisite beauties from Dawn Creek Farm again. They will be available to you in our u-pick flower garden!

Why do we love these zinnias so much? 
Last year we donated to the Dawn Creek Farm zinnia breeding program and got our hands on a handful of these elusive seeds. Everything was going smoothly with our first batch of seedling starts. However, disaster struck when our house caught fire resulting in the loss of all the seedlings. Fortunately, the remaining half of the seed packet survived the blaze and the hundreds of gallons of water that were poured into our home!
In early June, I sowed the surviving seeds directly into the garden and they flourished! The Zinnias grew to almost 5’ tall and continually bloomed all the way through our first frost in October. Amidst all the stress of dealing with the aftermath of a house fire, I was able to find a bit of respite every time I laid eyes on these spectacular blooms and all the accompanying butterflies that visited the zinnia patch.